The Philippine Star – Hola, Miriam Ponsa (14/03/2010)

Un extens article d’opinió sobre Miriam Ponsa, escrit per un mitjà filipí (

Let’s say we were playing a game of word-association and “Barcelona” came up. Quickly, what comes to mind? Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. La Boqueria. Ferran Adrià. Or — this may be a stretch, but I know some of you might even say — Mies van der Rohe, referring to his iconic chair and ottoman named after the capital of Catalonia, of course.

Now, how about fashion? This is the home of Custo, after all.

While Barcelona isn’t New York, Paris or Milan, it does have its fair share of avant-garde designers and chic boutiques.

If you’re not so much into mainstream and prefer to shop for the progressive, walking the streets of the trendy El Born neighborhood of Barcelona is the way to go. A crop of young designers have set up shop in the area — the most intriguing among them, in my opinion, is Miriam Ponsa.

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