080bylelook.com – Words by Miriam Ponsa (14/06/2010)

Entrevista de Lelook (Observatori de Tendències) feta a Miriam Ponsa amb motiu del premi a la millor col·lecció femenina del 080 Barcelona Fashion el passat gener 2010.

Miriam Ponsa won the award for best womenswear collection at the latest edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion last January. She now tells us everything about being a successful up and coming designer and a winner.

LELOOK: How did it all start?

Miriam Ponsa: In 2000 I settled in the old family factory. We started to refurbish it and now we feel completely at ease to create.

LELOOK: The best school?

Miriam Ponsa: our collections, but we also like self-criticism and we are very observant.

LELOOK: How did your passion for fashion start?

Miriam Ponsa: I think it was a latent passion until I started to study fashion, which is when I realised I had made the right career choice. More than passion for fashion, I would say it is a passion for artistic activities in general.

Per llegir l’entrevista sencera cliqueu sobre el següent link: Words by Miriam Ponsa.


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